“Let's build a safer community at a lower cost for taxpayers.”

Granny Ellington’s Lesson

Near the end of her 107-year life, my Granny Ellington reminded me of the truth that guided her in the world to “hate the sin, not the sinner.” As the wife of a Methodist Pastor she knew that simply judging is not enough, that we must work to┬áreclaim lives and…

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Orange is the New Black & Smart Justice

I spent last weekend in Los Angeles with the production company for ‘Orange is the New Black,’ a ground-breaking Netflix show set in a federal women’s prison. The themes of the show promote Smart Justice by telling gripping stories of all the ways these women ended up incarcerated and how…

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Breean's Passion is Good Government and Justice for All

Breean Beggs and his wife, Laurie Powers, are raising their three children near Manito Park. Breean graduated from Whitworth University, Summa Cum Laude, and the University of Washington School of Law with the highest honors. He managed the largest private law firm in Bellingham and served as Executive Director at the Center for Justice in Spokane for six years.

Breean has won multiple criminal misdemeanor and felony jury trials and argued several criminal law appeals at the Washington Court of Appeals and Washington Supreme Court. He currently works in private law practice holding governments and corporations liable when they break the law. In 2011 the Washington Supreme Court chose him to be on its Access to Justice Board, where he works to make the legal system work for those who don't have the resources to hire their own lawyers.

He frequently volunteers his time to help government officials create better laws and advises non-profit organizations in their strategic planning. He is known as a tenacious advocate and a collaborative communicator. He has volunteered thousands of hours to coach young soccer players and teach Sunday school. You can read more about his accomplishments, recognition and community service by clicking through to his Resume.

Breean is a leader in bringing smart justice programs to Spokane: keeping taxes lower and increasing community safety.


  • Breean is a leader in demanding law enforcement accountability when innocent victims like Otto Zehm die in police custody.
  • Breean has created innovative programs to provide legal services for those who can't afford lawyers like Street Law, Community Advocacy and the Civil Rights Project.
  • Breean turns lawsuits into settlements that benefit the entire community and prevent future tragedies.

Statement Of Candidacy - Why I'm Running for Office

20 Years of Law Experience

I have spent more than twenty years effectively arguing for the rights of crime victims and every day citizens against abuse by criminals, overreaching corporations and big government.

Experienced Trial Lawyer

I am an accomplished trial lawyer in both criminal and civil cases, and I often argue in the highest courts in Washington State.

Will Work for Smart Justice

We call it smart justice - holding people accountable for their crimes, saving taxpayers' money and keeping us safer. See the report.

Justice for All

As the elected prosecutor, I will work for justice for all people, not the special interests.

Reduce Crime and Costs

We will reduce crime in Spokane, decrease the 70% of the County's budget that we are currently spending on criminal justice, and permanently move people out of the revolving door of crime, jail, release and more crime.

Improve Quality of Life

The Prosecutor's office is involved in far more than criminal law. Its lawyers regularly work in family, mental health, land use and employment law. I will use my private law practice experience to improve those areas as well.

Commitment to the Constitution

My highest commitment is to the Constitution and the dignity it promises to all people in a democratic society.