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I am Working for What Matters

People want to be safe: in their homes, in their neighborhoods and on their streets and sidewalks.  For more than 25 years as a lawyer I have been protecting clients and the community from criminals, abusers, dangerous drivers and roads, and even government when it over reaches. 

Since joining the city council over a year ago, I have taken that same passion and applied it to improving the city of Spokane. My priorities include reducing crime through proven treatment programs, improving our police department, and the continued rebuilding of our roads and sidewalks at the fastest pace ever.  I look forward to continuing this work and growing businesses and jobs throughout the city. 

Spokane is in play for a truly remarkable tomorrow, and with your support I will help us get there. 


People to Elect Breean Beggs
PO Box 4452
Spokane WA 99220-4452

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