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"Breean Beggs has been fighting for the safety of our citizens long before he was serving on city council.  He understands what firefighters need to deliver the highest level of service for our community.  The Spokane Firefighters Local 29 proudly endorse Breean for city council."  Randy Marler, President IAFF Local 29

— Spokane Firefighters Union IAFF Local 29

"The 29,000 nurses, healthcare workers and behavioral health professionals of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW are proud to endorse your campaign for election to continue championing healthcare, social and economic justice issues in the city of Spokane." 

President Diane Sosne, RN 

— SEIU Healthcare 1199NW

"It is my pleasure to inform you that delegates have voted to endorse you in the race for Spokane City Council, District 2."  Tina Morrison, Secretary/Treasurer

— Spokane Regional Labor Council, AFL-CIO

"On behalf of the 18,000 local government employees we represent..... (we want) to inform you that the Washington State Council of County and City Employees, AFSCME, AFL-CIO, has formally endorsed your candidacy for Spokane (City) Council District 2." Chris Dugovich, President/Executive Director

— Washington State Council of County & City Employees

"Based on your record...., we are pleased to inform you that the board of Eastern Washington Voters has decided to endorse you for Spokane City Council 2017." Bryan E Burke, Executive Director — Eastern Washington Voters

Breean Beggs is my seat mate for Spokane City Council District Two. He is a thoughtful and informed council member keeping our city on a path forward. — Lori Kinnear

"UFCW 21 is thrilled to endorse your election campaign for City Council. Our union is excited about the work we can do together in Spokane." Samantha Grad, Political and Legislative Organizer

— United Food & Commerical Workers Local 21

We are so lucky to have Breean on our city council. He is a true champion of the people, who gets things done and makes real change. — Andrew Biviano

"The members of Aerospace Machinists Industrial Lodge District 751 voted to endorse your re-election campaign for Spokane City Council, District 2, Position 2."  Jon Holden, District President

— Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751

"SEIU 775 is proud to stand with you in our joint efforts to better the lives and communities in our State.  We are glad to endorse your candidacy as a public servant in these efforts." Adam Glickman, Secretary-Treasurer

— SEIU 775

"You have been a strong supporter of women's health and equality and we know you will continue to be a dedicated advocate for our organization. We look forward to working with you."  Treasure Mackley, Political and Organizing Director — Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii

Last year, I was pleased to help choose Breean Beggs to fill Jon Snyder's vacant Council seat. Breean already had a long record of protecting the most vulnerable in our community and advocating for reform of our criminal justice system. Since he was appointed, Breean has eagerly taken a leadership role in new areas: improved streets and sidewalks, preventing and addressing property crime, and protecting public health. He has invaluable insights and experience to contribute to our City as we work regionally to improve our entire criminal justice system, reduce crime, change lives, and make our community safer.

— Amber Waldref

"We look forward to working with you on measures that will improve Spokane's diverse communities and promote the health, safety, and economic benefits of bicycling."  Alex Alston, State Policy Director

— Washington Bikes

"Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Washington." Elissa Goss, Political Director

— NARAL Pro-Choice Washington

I have known Breean Beggs for over a decade. He has been a strong advocate for our community. I appreciate having such a well-informed City Counci member. — Elliot Fabric

Breean Beggs works tirelessly for the little guy and helps those who are unable to help themselves. Thank you very much Breean! — Tim O'Brien

As a retired Spokane psychologist, I have appreciated the immeasurable contributions Mr. Beggs has made to the community over the years. I strongly support his candidacy for Spokane City Council. — Ron Doyen

"You have been a strong advocate for the values that we share, and we appreciate your past support on issues that are important to both of us. Best wishes for a successful campaign......".   Jim Geren, Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer — Operative Plasterers' & Cement Masons' International Association Local 72

I have had the privilege of working with Breean professionally and enjoyed his friendship. Breean is a throwback, someone who seeks office in order to "serve." When I left Breean a message regarding a municipal safety concern, he responded within two hours, and followed through in the days thereafter. He simply wants to make Spokane a better place for all. Breean has the courage to toss aside the mask of the cynic, preferring to roll up his sleeves and let his earnest heart guide a world-class mind. I have never more enthusiastically endorsed a candidate. Spokane needs Breean Beggs. — Jason Miciak

On May 12, 2017 at the regularly schedule union meeting, the members voted to endorse Breean Beggs for Spokane City Council. Mike Foley, PAC Chairman "We wish you the very best of luck in your campaign."

— The United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union #44

I have come to know Breean Beggs as a skilled lawyer, a great person, and someone that cares deeply for our community. I endorse Breean without reservation. — Nik Armitage

I support Breean for Spokane City Council. Keep up the good work. There is more to be done! — Shelia Collins

"On behalf of the 478 members of ATU Local 1015 in Spokane, we wish you the best in the upcoming election."  Thomas Leighty, President/Business Agent — Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1015

I have known Breean for nearly 30 years and am proud to endorse his candidacy to retain his city council seat. He is the type of individual we need representing Spokane - a hard-working person of integrity, compassion, and experience. Breean certainly has my support and my vote. — Marie Bjork-Haugen

I've known Breean for more than a decade and am impressed with his work to achieve justice in our region. I always look for candidates who strive to bring wisdom and fairness to public office. Breean has a long track record for attaining these high standards and I will be supporting him. — Mickey Thompson

We wholeheartedly support Breean to represent us on our Spokane City Council. — Steve & Mary Llewellyn

We are fortunate to have Breean Beggs on our City Council. His legal expertise and his commitment to our community makes a difference. — Lindy Cater

What more could we ask for than to have Breean looking out for us? In a word I think Breean is trustworthy and has a moral compass rare these days. — Rita Amunrud

Breean has been a fine addition to our city council. His knowledge and legal experience have been helpful and he can be trusted to keep the interests of the citizens at the forefront of any policy decisions made by the council. — Marian Hennings

Breean is a strong advocate for Spokane, and I am a strong advocate for Breean Beggs for Spokane City Council. — Krista Elliott

Where politics and politicians really have an impact on our daily lives is in our own community. Breann Beggs works tirelessly. He holds people and government accountable, listens well and fights for the things that really make a difference in Spokane. — Jennifer Ballantyne

After meeting Breean, I am convinced he will be a real value in leading Spokane in ways only his experience and conscience provide. — Nat Williams

Spokane is fortunate to have someone with Breean's sense of justice, compassion and intellect working on our behalf. — Frank Hoover

All for great leadership & Breean Beggs is the real deal! Thanks for serving & building our areas quality of life. — Don Barbieri
Eva Silverstone
Mary Ann Murphy
George Taylor
Lorna Kropp
Michael Harves
Christina Mita & Ayuko Momono
Jeff & Julie Morris
Michael Bell
Janet Wolf
Judy Gardner
JJ Thompson
Jim Lee
Calvin Li
Karen Mobley
Meaghan Driscoll
Gail Hammer
Dave Plemons
Heather Beebe-Stevens
James Allers
Karen Lindholdt
Tracey Allers
Erika Simonds
Marcus Riccelli
Josh Powers-Howes
Pauline Druffel
Stuart Cassel
Rick Eichstaedt
Sue & Mark Silver
Linda Cunningham
Jon Lossing
Bart Haggin
Carter Powers Beggs
Ray Tansy
Ann Le Bar
Lila & George Girvin
Mark Mayers
Richard Wall
William Forman
Matt Rabinovitch
Tina Winebarger
Kim Thorburn
Amy and Bob Lutz
Scott Morris
Glenn Tanner
Sylvia Oliver
Dan Ritz
Linda Milsow
Caryl Heller
Bridget Powers Beggs
Genevieve Morris
Martin DiMuzio
Julia Stronks
Donna Halvorson
Stephen Kirby
Amanda Braley
Lynnette Vehrs
Maurina Ladich
Kathy Powers
Anne Stuyvesant-Whigham
Dennis Clifton
Jim Barthelmess
David Fournier
Judith Gardner
Josh Woodlander
Marilyn Valentine
Cly Evans
Stacy McElgunn
Don Hamilton & Lorna St John
John Vargas
Randi O'Brien
Shar Lichty
Norma Norton
Lara Hemingway
Gavin Dahl
Robert Henry
Dorothy Mehl
Scott Railton
James Sledge
Phil & Colleen Thompson
Kathryn Lee
Lewis Wilson
Rich Cowan
Becky Magnuson
Michael Cain
Kathryn Sheehan
Linda McHenry
George Orr
Linda Greene
Joe Sheehan
Mary Lou Johnson
John Manix
Judith & James Gilmore
Lucy Lennox
Lola Frederick
Richard Dauphin
Timothy Schermetzler
Emily Arneson
Denise Attwood
Kevin Cole
Kevin Beggs
Christopher J Nerison
Kirsten Barron
Richard White
Anthony Alfieri
Kathleen Paukert
Alan Chatham
Christine Clark
Jon Snyder
Ian Cunningham
Andy Billig
Fiona Powers Beggs
Mary Carr
Rod Michaelis
Laurie Powers
Judith Killin
Barbara Marney

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